Thursday, January 8, 2015

Minnesota Juvenile Offenses (Explained)

The juvenile justice system in the State of Minnesota is structured differently than that for adults; therefore, it is important you work with an expericed juvenile criminal defense attorney.  

Differences Between Juvinele & Adult Court
Rather than being arrested, charged and found guilty of a crime, a juvenile offender is apprehended, petitioned and found to have committed an offense. Further, the juvenile is not sentenced to prison but is given a disposition to be placed in a correctional facility.

A juvenile between the ages of 10 and 17 who is suspected of committing a crime will be treated much differently than a juvenile under the age of 10. When police apprehend a child under the age of 10, the case is considered social services-related. Age is also an important consideration when the juvenile is between 14 and 17. If a felony offense is committed during these years, a juvenile may be tried and sentenced as an adult.

In the majority of juvenile cases, law enforcement officials refer the matter to a probation officer, and an arraignment is scheduled if there is sufficient evidence to make a conviction. The youth then either pleads guilty and receives their disposition or pleads innocent and returns to court for a bench trial. At the bench trial, the judge will either find the juvenile to be delinquent and schedule a disposition hearing or dismiss the case.


A juvenile who has been apprehended by police may not have any prior experience with the juvenile justice system. An experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney might be able to help advocate for the youth throughout the entire process with the goal of either having the case completely dismissed or arguing for a disposition that does not include time in a juvenile detention center. Call the Rolloff Law Office to talk about your juvenile's charges: (612) 234-1165

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  1. Growing up, there will always be the small group of kids that get in trouble. Sometimes they have to go to court, depending on how severe their actions are. If this is the case, then they need to get the help of a lawyer that specializes in juvenile cases.