Often, after someone is arrested for a crime, there will be a delay --- before he or she is actually charged.  Too many people think that this is a time to relax --- a little. However, while you're doing that the prosecutor is probably busy (along with the police) building their case against you.  Therefore, I would strongly encourage you --- if you believe that a charge might be coming --- to contact an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.  . 

Believe me --- the government never rests.  To that end --- the time between an arrest and the first court hearing ...  an investigation is going on - ie., the police are preparing their evidence and the prosecutor is working hard to build as strong of a case as possible against you. 

What Should You Do?

Take advantage of the time that you do have to to be work hard - to build your defense.  While you can wait until charges are filed to get yourself a defense attorney, it will strongly benefit you and your case to invest in his advice --- before the charges are filed by the prosecutor. It may even help to see the matter dismissed. 

When to Get a Lawyer?

Ideally, pre-charge representation should begin at arrest. When the cops question you, what you say can strongly affect your case, and you should have a lawyer present to make sure your rights are flowed through and you do not say the wrong thing. One common tactic police will use is to ask you questions, and after you respond with silence, try to offer you a deal such as immunity to help get you to feel safe enough to talk. Yet, the scope of immunity can be as broad or as narrow as those who offer it wish to make it. You can be immune from one crime, but still charged with another. This is where a defense attorney comes in. They can help you understand the scope of any deals that may be offered.
After the arrest and the criminal investigation begins, before the prosecutor gets ready to file charges, this is where the real work of a defense attorney begins. This is the time when pre-charge representation shows its benefits. While the prosecutor is gathering evidence and creating a court strategy, your defense attorney will work tireless to predict their moves based on the facts and evidence of your case. After that has been done, it will be time to craft a counter defense strategy.

However, the biggest advantage of pre-charge representation is that they can uncover any missteps or case-breaking evidence which can be used to get the prosecution to drop the case before the charges are even filed. This can not only get you off the hook for any potential charges, but it can limit your future legal fees as well. While instances where evidence is uncovered that can cause a case to be thrown out is somewhat uncommon, by allowing your legal representation to work on your case before the charges have been filed, it gives them time to work hard towards winning it.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation by the police and it looks like they will press legal action against you, don’t wait to get a lawyer. The Rolloff Law Office can get going onyour case before any charges have been filed.  This can mean the difference between winning and losing.  Believe me --- no case is unwinable.  Call today - for a FREE CONSULTATION: (612) 234-1165