Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dakota County DWI Questions

As a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney I get a lot of questions ... lots and lots of questions.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked about Drunk Driving arrests.

What is BAC? 

Your BAC ... or blood alcohol content ... determines whether the government charges you with a DUI ... and at what level. In Minnesota, the BAC limit is (.08). If your BAC is (.08) or higher, police may arrest you for driving under the influence, or DUI. You may also lose your license.

What is an ignition interlock device? 

Ignition interlock is a device is used to monitor the behaviors of convicted drunk drivers --- attached to your vehicle. It requires the driver to provide frequent breath samples in order for the engine to start --- and for the vehicle to continue to operate.  According to state law, drivers whose licenses are canceled and whose privileges are denied as “inimical to public safety” are required to enroll in the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Device program in order to have their driving privileges reinstated.  Having this device in your vehicle can also help you to get back on the road sooner ... not having to have to wait-out the license revocation period.

Will I go to jail for my first DWI? 

Safe answer: It depends.  However, based on the facts of your case, you can avoid that shame.  A lawyer can help you, if the government is pressing for jail, help to negotiate an alternative too. 

Do I really need a DWI defense lawyer? 

No.  However, it can't hurt to talk to one ... or even hire one so as to increase chances of having the charges against you reduced or possibly dropped. 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hennepin County Expungement Lawyer

After a conviction ... even a charge, a criminal record can continue to follow you for long after the case is resolved --- even if the charges against you were ultimately dismissed.  If your criminal or arrest record is holding you back, an experienced Minnesota Expungement Attorney may be able to help you put your past behind you. With an intimate understanding of the criminal process - earned by working as a prosecutor, the Rolloff Law Office has helped numerous clients clear their names through the expungement process. I can you evaluate your situation to see if can get your record sealed and I'll walk you through every step of the process.

When a Record May be Expunged

Expungement is not open to everyone --- as it is available in a limited number of circumstances. Records of arrest, indictment and trial for fourth- and fifth-degree controlled substance violations as well as other minor drug crimes may be expunged following a dismissal or discharge. A juvenile offender who was prosecuted as an adult may also petition for expungement following discharge and successful completion of probation. Lastly, records of arrest, indictment and trial may be expunged in any criminal case that resolved in favor of the defendant, including dismissals and acquittals.

How to Do This

If you want to expunge your criminal record, a Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer can help you file a properly formatted petition with the appropriate court. This petition must contain your identifying information, including all past addresses since the date of the alleged offense; the reason why you are seeking expungement; details regarding the offense or alleged offense you are seeking to have expunged; details of your current criminal history and a history of all prior expungement requests you have filed.

Expungement is not automatic and requires the petitioner to appear at a court hearing before a judge decides whether to grant the petition. Having an experienced expungement lawyer represent you can not only help ensure your petition is complete and accurate but can be especially helpful in effectively presenting your case to the judge at your expungement hearing.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dakota County DWI Lawyer (Explained)

Dakota County DWI cases are serious matters and it is important to consider having a hard-hitting Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney help you avoid a conviction and the harsh penalties that accompany it. 

What You Should Know

There are two court proceedings that follow a Minnesota DWI arrest, one is the criminal proceeding that has to do with any jail time, fines and penalties for the conviction. The other is the civil proceeding, which is the process that determines whether or not you will suffer a loss of driving privileges, license plates and/or your vehicle. This generally occurs through an implied consent/forfeiture hearing in the State of Minnesota. At these proceedings, you need an experienced Minnesota DWI attorney to protect your rights and fight against the charges. There are several defenses that can be made on your behalf in a DWI case. One key method of defense is challenging evidence and procedures, questioning all of the following issues could lead to a dismissed case:

  • Was there reasonable suspicion for the police to pull the driver over?
  • Was the driver driving or operating a vehicle?
  • Was there probable cause for an arrest?
  • Did the officer explain the implied consent law and the potential consequences for test refusal?
  • Did the accusedt actually refuse the test?
  • Were all field sobriety and chemical tests administered properly?
  • Were any of the driver's rights violated?

A skilled Dakota County DWI lawyer may be able to find the flaws in the case and challenge any evidence gathered against the defendant. This can help you in protecting your driver's license and also help with avoiding the serious penalties that follow a DWI conviction. 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

St. Paul Prostituion Lawyer

Prostitution and solicitation charges vary in severity depending on your alleged level of involvement. This is why you should strongly consider talking your case over with an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.

Depending on your alleged involvement, you have the potential of being charged with anything from a misdemeanor up to a felony. In addition, if your alleged involvement happened in a school or park zone, the penalties are more severe than they would normally have been. Finally, prostitution and solicitation charges can have profound personal consequences on your life, regardless of the outcome of the criminal case. 

If you or someone you love needs help with a criminal case, like prostitution and/or solicitation, call the Rolloff Law Office  to set up a free consultation: (612) 234-1165

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scott County Domestic Assault Attorney

Have you or someone you love been accused of domestic violence?  All too often this means that they have have been accused of causing a family or household member bodily harm. If this is the case - understand that: There are very serious consequences that one could experience if he/she is found guilty --- including: jail time, fines, and a criminal record that follows you for the rest of your life.
If you have been accused of domestic assault, it is important to work with a Scott County Criminal Defense Attorney who puts your best interests first. 


Unfortunately, there are times when domestic assault allegations arise out of other conflicts. Perhaps there is a divorce going on or there is a child custody battle. It is unfortunate that there are such cases, which makes it even more important to defend yourself against the charges.
If convicted, the conviction will most likely negatively impact any battle for child custody and could have an influence on the divorce. If convicted of domestic assault, you could also be subject to an order for protection, which could affect your ability to see any children you may have or how you see them.
Violating an order for protection is an offense in itself. If it is violated, you could be looking at time in jail.
Other consequences of a domestic assault conviction include anger management courses, counseling, and probation. Avoiding as many of the consequences as possible is why you need a Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer by your side every step of the way. 
Even if there is some merit to the charges, you can still have a much better future than you would have if you didn’t effectively defend yourself. Sometimes charges can be inflated and that means paying penalties that are harsher than what you should have to pay. By using the facts in your case, a fair outcome can be had.

Domestic assault is aggressively pursued and prosecuted in Minnesota because of what can potentially result if legitimate cases are allowed to continue. 
If you have been accused of domestic assault, whether the charge is legitimate or not, you need the experience of a qualified criminal defense attorney to protect your interests. To learn more, call the Rolloff Law Office at (612) 234-1165.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Minnesota Traffic Ticket Lawyer - FREE ANSWERS

The average rise in insurance rates for just one speeding ticket over three years is considerable. Other moving violations may have a similar affect on your insurance rates. Also, if the same person were to get another moving violation in a short period of time, that driver will risk losing their license.  This is why you should strongly consider getting professional help, from an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.  
Why Hire a Minneapolis Traffic Ticket Attorney?
  • To prevent increased insurance rates
  • To avoid a mark on your driving record
  • To increase the chance of dismissal or reduction of charges
  • To have more leverage during negotiation with the DA
  • To reduce fines and costs
Hiring a Minneapolis traffic ticket attorney will give you the best odds of getting your traffic ticket reduced or dismissed. Why? An experienced Minneapolis traffic ticket attorney knows and understands the laws and will help develop your best legal defense. Unlike some claims that you may read on the Internet, there is no shortcut way to beat a traffic ticket.
Fighting a Minneapolis Traffic Ticket
Sure, you can fight your own ticket. Many people do that. Just like many people cut their own hair. Sure, you can get the job done, but the results may not be ideal. So, isn't it worth the expense of hiring an experienced Minneapolis attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation?
 Not only will you save money in the long run on insurance, you will have the piece of mind that comes with having an experienced Minneapolis traffic ticket attorney advocate on your side.

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