Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hennepin County Child Pornography Charges

Sex crimes, in the State of Minnesota, involving children can carry severe legal penalties/consequences, as many of them rightly should.  Anyone convicted of production, distribution and/or possession of child pornography can face the prospect of prison time as well as steep fines and a requirement to register as a predatory offender. A conviction can ruin careers, reputations and one's ability to live where they choose.

If you are arrested for a crime involving child pornography, it is essential to seek experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, immediately. If we are brought in right away, the attorneys at The Rolloff Law Office can begin working with prosecutors right away -- sometimes before they even file the case.

As a former prosecutor, I know that working to protect my clients' rights --- right away --- minimizes the damage their  lives and reputations. 

Child Pornography (Explained)

People are sometimes charged with crimes involving child pornography --- if it is found on their computer, even if they didn't know it was there. The Rolloff Law Office can work with computer forensic experts to show how the images got there and who else may have been able to access the computer.


If you have been accused of a crime involving child pornography, you must take it seriously. And, understand that you could be facing a prison sentence a huge fine ... for the possession of child porn. A conviction for distribution of it could land you even greater consequences.  


If you or a loved one has been investigated/approached by law enforcement for child pornography, call The Rolloff Law Office today for a FREE CONSULTATION: (612) 234-1165.

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