Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Minnesota Domestic Assault Charge - False Allegations

As a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, I get loads of calls about domestic violence/assault charges.  Here is an article from the Huffington Post that sets for a number of things anybody facing allegations of this nature should consider.  

Domestic violence is an important public health issue, and one which has been gaining increased attention in recent years on a variety of fronts, particularly with respect to professional athletes. States, of course, have various approaches for dealing with the issue, including housing and employment protections, protecting the identity of residents of domestic violence shelters, and broadening the definition of abuse.

One of the areas where states are falling short, according to experts, is in focusing on at-risk demographic groups. Different groups face different risks when it comes to domestic violence investigation. 

For instance, African American women are more likely to be killed by a partner than victims in other groups, whereas women who are unable to speak English are more likely to be unable to communicate to police officers to give an accurate version of incidents. Hispanic women are less likely to seek help from a shelter, while Native American women are more likely to be in a situation where police are unable to arrest a battering partner. Each of these unique challenges has to be met if the problem is to be adequately addressed.

As important as it is to ensure protection for those who suffer at the hands of an abusive partner, though, it is also important to remember that those accused of domestic violence have a right to defend themselves from unjust charges. Because of the nature of domestic violence investigations, it can and does sometimes happen that officers fail to gather the evidence necessary to make an accurate judgment about an incident. In some cases, those errors are not corrected and the accused face charges that don’t accurately reflect the events that took place.

Those who have been unjustly accused of domestic violence need to know that they don’t just have to succumb to the criminal process, but that they have rights. Working with an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney can help to ensure that all the evidence is presented in their case and that they are able to take advantage of protections available to them.


Source: Huffington Post, “When It Comes to Handling Domestic Violence Cases, States Are Still Falling Short,” Teresa Wiltz, September 22, 2014.
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