Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Minnesota DWI Can Keep you Out of Canada?

A Minnesota Drunk Driving conviction may have many “collateral” consequences.  These hidden consequences of a DWI conviction can include:

  • Losing your job, 
  • Having your driver’s license revoked, 
  • Paying higher insurance rates 
  • Being dropped by your motor vehicle insurance company, Having your vehicle taken away by the police, etc.  

In the last few years, a new "hidden" consequence of getting a Minnesota DWI has been hitting many people --- especially sportsman and those that alive close to Canada:  

If you have a DWI conviction on your record, YOU MAY BE DENIED ENTRY INTO CANADA, regardless of whether you are going hunting or fishing ---  or if your are traveling on business or other pleasures.  

Canada & DWIs

One reason for this major consequence is that, unlike Minnesota, Canada takes a very strong approach to DWI --- treating 1st time offenders as felons.   And, our neighbors to the north - like most countries - does not allow individuals people convicted of a felony in.

With a skilled, experienced, and aggressive Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney on your side, you can explore the alternatives for preventing yourself from being banned from Canada.

The Rolloff Law Office has helped many alternative dispositions to keep his clients ability to go to Canada intact including fighting the driver’s license revocations and DWI cases aggressively.  If you need help with a DWI charge call the us for a FREE CONSULTATION: (612) 234-1165

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