Monday, November 14, 2011

Do You REALLY Need a Lawyer? (Explained)

If my experience as a prosecutor and as a Minnesota Defense Attorney has taught me anything it is that if someone comes forward and seeks help (and or volunteers information to law enforcement,) they will be prosecuted mercilessly.


Well, apparently, that is our legal culture

Instead of working to redeem the fallen, the government all too often takes some perverse joy in punishing wrong doers.  Now, this does not mean that that's always the case, but our laws - in how they're written and applied - seem to default to this outcome more times than not.  Therefore, all rationality goes out the window - and as such I cannot encourage someone to go it alone or seek help (if their problem or issue is legal in nature) without someone who knows the "game" by their side every step of the way. 

This is why I am a criminal defense attorney - plain and simple.  If you're going to get kicked while you're down - you need someone at your side who can defend you and fight back because as much you and I would like to believe that the government has our best interests in mind --- that is just NOT always the case

What Should You Do?

Here's the deal, a lot of people (myself - at one time included) believe that their lack of cooperation or their desire to engage a lawyer before talking to law enforcement would end up being worse for them than if they just go in an explain themselves . Well, let me set you straight - that is simply untrue.  In all of my years of experience, I can barely recall a situation where cooperation (whether someone was innocent or not) worked out for the better.  

Here's what you have to understand, more often than not the government thinks they know what happened already - so instead of listening to your explanation, they're often only really looking for those things that you say and do that confirm their suspicions.  As such, "going it alone" or "helping the police" (who in turn say they'll help you) rarely turns out to be as simple as it sounds.

If you or someone you love is embroiled in some sort of legal dilemma - the best thing you can do to preserve your rights and your future is to talk to a lawyer - first - to understand exactly what you're dealing with.

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