Friday, November 18, 2011

Fight Your Shoplifting / Retail Theft Charge in Minnesota!

Retail theft, also known as Shoplifting, can be a serious criminal charge under Minnesota's laws. Depending on the value of the items involved - one could face quite substantial consequences - including BIG fines and jail time. 

No matter the level of the charge, as an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, I feel as though it's my duty to inform you that ANY criminal charge (petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor or felony) must be taken seriously if you hope to avoid the harshest consequences now and in the future.

Why Hire a Lawyer for a Simple Shoplifting Charge?

I get asked this all the time, and even if you are only facing a citation (or petty misdemeanor offense charge) for Shoplifting - with the little to know consequences - you have to understand that this is still your one and only time to keep your record clean and avoid problems that could seriously affect your in the future.  Because, in this day of invasive background checks - it isn't really the penalty the judge is going to impose that you should worry about. Rather, it is what impact is something like this going to have on your future --- after the case is closed.

Any conviction for Shoplifting can remain on your criminal record forever, and could affect future employment opportunities, scholarships, apartment rentals, or any situation where someone might look into your past.

Not to mention that if it ever happens again, you'll be facing a 2nd offense charge and run the all too real risk of jail time. If that happens, you'll regret not taking every opportunity to have an experienced Minnesota Shoplifting Lawyer work for a dismissal and keep your record clean - the 1st time out.

How to Beat a Minnesota Shoplifting Charge

There are often excellent legal defenses against Shoplifting charges. A couple of areas ripe for consideration are: (a.) how the facts of your case apply to the statute, (b.) whether or not the government can prove that you intentionally attempted to steal anything, and (c.) what did the security personnel involved do right and wrong. 

If the case can't be "defended" as such - then I will explore the various opportunities available to individuals so as to reduce the charges or find some sort of alternative disposition for your case, short of you just pleading guilty.  

The important thing to bear in mind is that, even if you know you made a mistake, that doesn't mean you should be punished severely. You should still have an attorney looking out for your best interests.  Fin that someone who'll effectively argue for leniency and make sure a minor mistake doesn't have to follow you around for the rest of your life.

Doing the Next, Right Thing

I've worked cases like this from both sides of the aisle - formerly as a prosecutor and now as a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.  My insight in to the government's schemes and motivations has helped me to win my clients favorable incomes.  Let me put that inside knowledge to work for you.  Call the Rolloff Law Office today to set up you free, no obligation consultation. 

Let's fight to preserve your rights - and future. 

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