Monday, November 28, 2011

Arrested For Minnesota DWI Over the Holidays? (What To Do Next.)

If you were one of the many who hit Minnesota's highways and by-ways this past weekend, you probably noticed the increased police presence as part of the government’s Drunk Driving enforcement efforts.

Unlike other times of the year, these sorts of concentrated efforts to ensure safety have certain side-effects - such as that police officers are in the mindset to make arrests and thus make a high number of false arrests.

False Drunk Driving Arrests in Minnesota

The Minnesota DWI Attorneys at the Rolloff Law Office have fought many Drunk Driving cases and demonstrated that bad equipment, improper lab work and under-trained/over-worked police officers are all common causes for these problematic arrests.

As a former prosecutor, I know a good case from a problematic one.  With  my "inside knowledge of the government's mind-set and schemes, I offer a rigorous and thorough defense to protect the rights of my clients to get them the best possible results.

The Next Best Step

If you are one of the many people who were charged with a Minnesota DWI over the holiday weekend act now by calling (612) 234-1165.

You are entitled to a free detailed consultation - call today and I will explain the charges against you, review the evidence and help you chart out a course of action.

The Rolloff Law Office has the knowledge, experience and dedication to fight your case to the finish.

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