Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Minnesota Domestic Assault (Explained)

The laws of the State of Minnesota define Domestic Violence as the use of threats of intimidation and physical, mental, and emotional abuse - and can also include kidnapping, harassment, stalking, and even threats of violence.

Understand this - Domestic Violence takes a toll on not only the victim, but everyone involved as well.  If you or someone you love is facing charges for Domestic Assault, you need to get to an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to talk about preserving your rights and your future.

Why You Need a Lawyer

There are many complications and legal issues that arise when an individual steps forward as a victim of domestic violence. Having an experienced Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney by your side when faced with a Domestic Violence charge is very important.

There are various degrees of Minnesota Domestic Violence; they involve different levels of alleged abuse and whether one has been convicted of a similar-type offense in the past --- and they each have varying consequences.

Defending Accusations of Domestic Violence

An individual who is being accused of Domestic Violence may be barred from their own residence or communicating (or being in contact) with their family, spouses, or children.

Understand this, it is vital (if you're under investigation for Domestic Violence) that you get in contact with a lawyer right away.  You should also refuse to provide a a statement or speak with law enforcement officers before you have spoken with an attorney.

You can exercise your right to remain silent - you are under no obligation to talk to the police.  In my experience, doing so does not help - rather it tends to harm, greatly. Remember that if you are convicted, it will not only be a permanent mark on your record, but you may have to serve time in jail and/or pay a large fee.

What You Should Do

The Rolloff Law Office understands how emotionally stressful  situations such as these can be. My goal is to ensure that all evidence is correctly gathered and that my clients’ rights are protected. Let me put my experience as a prosecutor to work for you - getting you the outcome you want.  Call today (612) 619-0262.

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