Friday, April 22, 2011

Working with a Lawyer - The Top 5 Questions

When looking for an attorney - do you know what questions you should ask - factors you should consider?  Price, experience; male female, tall short, real or tv character?  Here are some important things you should take into account when deciding to hire an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.
  1. Is the lawyer a generalist, or does he/she specialize in one type of law?
  2. Has the lawyer handled cases like yours before?
  3. What kind of outcomes can the lawyer predict for your case?
  4. How will your attorney inform you of the case's progress?
  5. What style can you expect from the lawyer: aggressive or open to settlement?
I believe that the lawyer-client relationship is at its strongest when the two people truly understand one another.  Before becoming a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, I worked as a prosecutor.  That experience provided me an insight that I believe better serves my clients. I've see good and not so good attorney; I've seen clients that were over charged and under served. I know how to do this job poorly (having heard my fair share of sob stories) - I just choose not to do it that way.

In the end, my knowledge of the government's motivation and tactics affords me a unique opportunity to better serve my clients - and in doing so I can better negotiate positive outcomes for them my clients as well as win them well-earned acquittals.

If you - or someone you loved - has been charged with a crime, the first-best thing your should do is contact an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.

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