Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Brother is Watching?

I am sure all reasonable people can agree that drinking and driving is dangerous. That being said, how far should we, as reasonable people, go in order to preserve our safety? Not only will alcohol-monitoring devices soon become necessary equipment in our vehicles - but now Big Brother wants to ride shotgun?

Sure, it's hard to argue against using cameras to get drunks off the road - just as you are probably not going to have many takers asserting that setting up a similar sort of surveillance in areas where sex workers and drug dealers are known to frequent is a bad idea. But, where do we draw the line? Would we all agree - ala Minority Report - that there should be a division of law enforcement dedicated to monitoring anyone that has the potential to potentially threaten another? Probably not.

People, once we start down these slippery slopes - as with genies and toothpaste - often we can't contain what we've set loose. Today, it's drunk drivers - and that may all be fine and good - but what is it going to be tomorrow?

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