Friday, April 8, 2011

DWIs - Ignition Lock-Out Devices

In case you ever lose sight of the fact that the government views driving as a privilege, and not a right, then you'll better be able to wrap you mind around Breath-testing Ignition Lock-out devices - which will become something like standard issue in the vehicles of thousands of Minnesotans (this July) whose driver's licenses have been taken away because of an arrest for Drunk Driving.

The promise of these devices - which are about the size of a cell phone and require the user to blow in to it in order to start their vehicle - is that if there is a measurable amount of alcohol in the system of a potential driver their vehicle will not start. On its face, this sounds like a simple and economical way to make sure that offenders can drive - but not when they're drunk.

However, these devices are not foolproof.

Chief among their "issues" is the potential to have someone else blow into the device for the offender.  (Hilarious in the movies - not so much in real life.)  Also, they can malfunction - keeping someone who has not consumed alcohol from being able to drive his or her vehicle.

Know this, the illusion of safety is not the same thing as being safe. If a drunk wants to drive - they'll drive. The real question that needs to be asked is not whether these things will keep us safe (they won't) but rather who gets richer? One thing that's certain, the tax coffers will get filled. The rest will be a fortunate (pardon the pun) - accident.

Coming soon?

Cameras in our cars to make sure we're not smoking in front of minors, a holster to insert your cellphone into to ensure that you can't talk or text while driving and a helmet.

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