Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DWIs and Public Defenders

There's not doubt about it - Public Defenders provide a great service to their clients. For some, using a Public Defender may be their only option - because they simply don't have the ability to afford a private lawyer. For others - those who might not be inclined to pay for a good defense -  may want to re-evaluate their decision after assessing the information laid out here.

Public Defender - Positives 
  1. Allows low income defendants to have legal representation;
  2. Experienced Public Defenders may get their clients better results than bad, inexperienced Private Lawyers; and
  3. Public Defenders are the best deal going - often their services are free.  
Public Defender - Negatives  
  1. You don't choose your own attorney;
  2. They're government employees;
  3. They're not specialized in any particular area of criminal defense;
  4. They're often less experienced - including among their ranks a lot of new attorneys;
  5. They often have a lot of cases; 
  6. Their caseloads often don't afford them a lot of time to meet with their clients; and
  7. Due to the little time they have - they can be  overly interested in resolving case - quickly.
Admittedly, there are many positives (and negatives) not discussed here; however, when seen in comparison to the advantages of hiring a private Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, such as:
  1. You get to select who represents your interests;
  2. You can get someone who specializes in DWI Defense;
  3. Because they have less clients, they can devote more time to your case; and
  4. If your not satisfied with your attorney's job - you can fire him or her. 
In my humble opinion, whenever you're charged with a crime --- regardless of how serious or minor that charge is --- you should contact an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

Failing to attain proper legal counsel could be only slightly worse than not hiring a criminal attorney at all.

Remember, you get one chance at this thing.  A lawyer, be he or she a Public Defender or Private Attorney, can help protect your rights - and fight the government, who can often dominate uninformed and unprotected defendants.

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