Thursday, December 14, 2017

Consequences of a MN DWI Arrest/Conviction

Getting a DWI is nobody's idea of a good time.  These are some of the things that might happen to you.  

Financial Consequences

In addition to the fine imposed in a conviction for a DWI there are a myriad of other financial consequences:
  • Loss of job / loss of professional license — invaluable;
  • Costs of alternative transportation — hundreds, maybe thousands;
  • Vehicle Forfeiture; 
  • License reinstatement fee — currently $680;
  • Alcohol assessment fee — $300–$1,000;
  • Probation / Jail fees — 100s;
  • Increased automobile insurance costs — thousands over the course of the following decade;
  • Increased life insurance premiums.

Administrative Consequences 

The following administrative consequences follow an arrest for DWI.  An experienced Minnesota DWI Lawyer can challenge these consequences in a civil judicial hearing that is independent of the criminal proceedings. The administrative consequences of a DWI have complicated and critical timing requirements.  A knowledgeable Minnesota attorney can help you navigate this process and avoid avoid these harsh administrative consequences.

License Revocation

Following an arrest for a DWI and/or a test failure or test refusal --- your drivers license will be automatically revoked. The revocation period will depend on variety of factors: (a.) your prior DWI history, (b.) your BAC, (c.) your age, or other aggravating factors. Depending upon your circumstances --- you may be able to obtain a limited license for driving to work, school, or abstinence based support groups.

License Plate Impoundment

License Plate Impoundment is a particularly harsh administrative penalty.  Depending on your history and the circumstances of your arrest, your license plates may be impounded.  Your plates may be impounded if:
  • if the driver has a BAC of .16 or greater;
  • if the driver has a prior DWI or alcohol-related driving offense within the previous 10 years;
  • if there was a passenger under the age of 16 present in the vehicle; or
  • if the driver was driving after his/her license was cancelled, regardless of alcohol impairment.
The vehicle used in the offense is subject to plate impoundment as well as any vehicles jointly owned by the driver.  “Whiskey” plates (plates beginning with the letter W) may be obtained (at an additional cost) if the driver(s) of the vehicle(s) has a valid license.

Vehicle Forfeiture

Vehicle Forfeiture is the most severe administrative sanction.  Under Minnesota law, a prosecutor may seize the motor vehicle used in the commission of a first or second degree DWI or test refusal, a DWI offense while the driver’s license is cancelled as inimical to public safety, or a DWI offense while the driver’s license is subject to a no use provision (B-card).
A vehicle can be seized immediately upon the driver’s arrest for one of the above qualifying offenses—regardless of whether the driver was the lawful owner of the seized vehicle!  Upon seizure the police must provide the driver and owner with a seizure notice.  Minnesota law presumes that the vehicle seized is subject to forfeiture.  In order to prevent forfeiture, the driver must take judicial action in civil court.
The administrative consequences of a DWI arrest are complicated.  A knowledgeable Minnesota defense attorney can assist you in avoiding or limiting these harsh consequences.

Other Consequences of a DWI Conviction

A DWI conviction may also result in the loss of a professional license.  And of course a conviction will make it more difficult to obtain employment—especially for any position that may require the use of a vehicle as part of your regular duties.
The Rolloff Law Office can help you evaluate your case and improve your odds of avoiding the harsh consequences of a DWI conviction.  Call today: (612) 234-1165.  

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