Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why You Should Seek a Minnesota Expungment

A run-in with the law can have a huge negative impact on your life. Most people think that all of the consequences that they will face are tied to whether or not you are convicted, but unfortunately this is not the case.  Granted,  you won’t be going to prison or paying off ridiculous fines if you beat your charges, but that doesn’t mean that everything just returns to normal. This is why you should speak with an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer - about sealing your record.

Why Should You Do This?

All it takes to acquire a criminal record is for you to be arrested – you don’t even need to be formally charged and/or convicted.  Don’t think that’s a big deal?  Think again.  It’s no secret that “criminals” are looked down upon in our country, but the issues that individuals face with a criminal record go far beyond someone giving you dirty looks.  

Ways a Criminal Record Makes Your Life Harder

1. Hurts Your Ability to Get a Job: Most employers perform background checks while reviewing applications. Applicants with a criminal history are the first to be tossed in the garbage. An Expungement erases the record of your criminal past so that employers can’t see it, making it more likely that you will get to the interview process. The same goes for volunteer positions.

2. Housing/Renting an Apartment: After time in prison, all you may want is to start a new life in a new location… but a felony record can prevent you from doing so. Housing applications often ask about your criminal record, and may deny you if you have one.

3. Restoration of Firearm Rights: Felons lose the right to bear arms after a conviction. While some felonies restrict offenders from restoring the right to own a gun under any circumstances, these crimes are usually crimes of violence and are a special exception to general rules. In most cases, a sealed or expunged record restores the offender’s ability to purchase, own, or lawfully use a firearm.

Felony records are public knowledge. No matter what you are applying for, or why someone may be searching your name online, a criminal record hangs over your head. Wouldn’t it be easier to tell people about your criminal past when you are ready?

To learn more about an Expungement, whether or not you qualify, and what it takes to get your record sealed, contact the Rolloff Law Office.  We aggressively fight for our clients --- utilizing innovative tactics to get the most positive results for our clients . Call today: (612) 234-1165

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