Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Hire a DWI Lawyer? (Explained)

If you have been charged with a Drunk Driving --- you should seriously consider hiring an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney --- or at the very least talking to one about your rights.  My reason for suggesting this is not just because I am an attorney.  Here are some ways an attorney can help with your case --- and your future!

Pleading guilty can actually cost a lot more than hiring a Minnesota DWI Lawyer.

Believe it or not, there are many long term consequences to pleading guilty to a Drunk Driving --- that aren't immediately made know to you by the prosecutor or the judge --- including potentially having to tell to every potential employer for the rest of your life that you were convicted of a serious crime, having to pay increased insurance premiums and being excluded from international travel.

Honestly, do you really know what all of the consequences are that you may face in your future? If you don’t, you should consult with an experienced Minnesota DWI Lawyer so that you can make an informed decision regarding your case.

Hiring an experienced Minnesota Drunk Driving Lawyer is an investment in your future.

The prosecutor does this for a living – prosecutes criminal cases. You can rest assured they know the issues in a DWI case, that they have read the case against you, and that they are prepared to argue aggressively for a conviction. That’s their job. Shouldn’t you have someone just as prepared – if not more so – ready to argue aggressively on your behalf, too?

When you weigh the cost of pleading guilty and all the future costs that come with it, against the cost of hiring a Minnesota DWI Lawyer, you will find that hiring an  attorney is an investment in your future.

Not all Minnesota DWI Lawyers cost the same.

Each attorney charges what he or she has determined is an appropriate fee for the level of his or her services. Don’t hesitate to ask a lawyer what it will cost to represent you. But --- don't just go with cost when making your decision not all Minnesota DWI lawyers are the same. Your lawyer is the one person in the court room who is on your side, unconditionally. You need to feel comfortable with your lawyer – your relationship with your lawyer can make or break your case: Your lawyer will rely on the information you share with him or her in defending you. If you and your lawyer don’t have a good working relationship, you won’t trust your lawyer with this critical information. The key to a successful attorney-client relationship is the same thing that makes all relationships succeed or fail.

Before opening my own office, I started out prosecuting Minnesota DWI case --- hundreds of Drunk Driving cases.  Let me put that experience to work for you.  Learn for yourself --- Call to Rolloff Law Office at (612) 234-1165 to schedule an office visit and come in and see us in person,


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