Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Minnesota Shoplifting Charges (Explained)

Shoplifting --- although a minor offense ---- can have major consequences (if not in court) then as it regards your future.  That's right - it could hurt your job (or ability to find work,) and could also keep you from getting certain benefits.  Your best bet - talk to an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney - before you take any actions.

Can I travel outside the United States If I have been  convicted of a shoplifting case?
The answer in many cases is no. Many countries such as Canada, Mexico, and some European and Asian countries will not allow you to enter without special waivers and visas which can be difficult or impossible to obtain.  Since 9-11 many countries have upgraded security protocols for entry and many now search for criminal records at your point of entry.

Can I be fired from my job due to a shoplifting conviction? 
The answer is yes.  Unless you have an employment  or union contract that states otherwise your employer can generally terminate you upon learning of your conviction.  Most employment and union contracts however state that a criminal conviction is grounds for dismissal.

Can an employer discriminate against hiring me if I  am convicted of a shoplifting charge?  Yes, an employer  can discriminate and not hire you if you are convicted of a shoplifting charge.  Furthermore even an arrest for Shoplifting in Minnesota will be noted on your criminal record.

If my record is expunged, can my conviction for shoplifting still be used against me?
The answer to this  is yes in many cases, however, the grounds are too long to list here.  If you have specific questions - please call the Rolloff Law Office to set up a FREE CONSULTATION at (612) 234-1165.

What if I told the police or admitted to the store that "I did it" can I still have a lawyer represent me and  win my case:  The answer is yes we can still help you and maybe "win" your case but you must take the first step and call so I can review the facts of your case in the privacy of our office.  You do have rights just remember your Miranda warnings, but they are limited.

Can one of your shoplifting lawyers help me if I have  court tomorrow?
The answer is yes.  Although it is not  advisable to wait until the last minute to hire an attorney for a shoplifting case, we can still help you.  Obviously, the more time our lawyers have to work on your case, the better the results.  Its never to late to try.  We understand that many courts will may only give you a day or even a week to hire a lawyer before mandating your appearance in court and thus in most cases we can give you a same day appointment --- and it's FREE!

How much will it cost for representation?
The answer is: it depends! It could be a few hundred, it could be much more; it will depend on the lawyer you choose, the amount of time your case needs and the results that you want, whether you were arrested or simply notified of a pending charge and lastly, whether your case will be set for trial in superior or municipal court.  We do offer set fees, hourly fees and financing is available in some cases. The question is how much will it cost you if you do not hire the right attorney and get convicted, when you cannot find a job, your education is wasted and your family can not meet its financial needs?

Don't go it alone --- this is some serious sh*t.  Call the Rolloff Law Office today to set up a FREE CONSULTATION: (612) 234-1165

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