Monday, September 24, 2012

MN DWI Arrests (Mandatory Holds & Conditional Releases)

When a person is arrested for a first-degree (felony) or second-degree Minnesota DWI crime, the person must be taken into custody and detained until the person’s first court appearance, at which time the court generally sets bail and specifies conditions of release. Unless maximum bail ($12,000 for gross misdemeanor DWI) is imposed, a person charged with any of the following offenses may be granted pre-trial release from detention, but only if the person agrees to abstain from alcohol and to submit to remote electronic alcohol monitoring (REAM) involving at least daily breath-alcohol measurements. An experienced Minnesota DWI Attorney can assist you and your family with issues like these.
What Offenses?
These are the offenses that will lead to mandatory action by the court:
  • a third implied consent or DWI violation within ten years;
  • a second violation, if under 19 years of age;
  • a violation while already cancelled as inimical to public safety for a prior violation; or
  • a violation involving an alcohol concentration of .20 or more.
Further conditions apply to a person charged with a fourth or more violation within ten years, including:
  • impoundment of the vehicle registration plates, or impoundment of the off-road recreational vehicle or motorboat itself, if one was being driven; a
  • requirement for reporting at least weekly to a probation officer, involving random breath alcohol testing and/or urinalysis; and
  • a requirement to reimburse the court for these services upon conviction for the crime.

What To Do Next
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  1. He additionally admitted having a felony conviction throughout the previous ten years and stated that each one of his convictions were the result of "getting harassed by the police".