Monday, August 8, 2011

Minnesota DWIs and Public Defenders

The person who represents you in court is often the most important decision you'll make - if you've been charged with a crime. Many individuals who find themselves arrested for Drunk Driving must decide whether they will hire an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to represent them --- or request that the court appoint a public defender to do so.

So what are the differences?

In addition to the criminal charges you'll face - if you've been charged with Drunk Driving, understand this: the state has also implemented a civil lawsuit against you called an Implied Consent proceeding.  Since this is not a criminal action, a public defender does not represent you for that case; however, a private attorney would.  And know this - for a number of individuals the Implied Consent Hearing has as big of an impact on their future as does the criminal case.

Another major distinction between a public defender and a private Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney is the number of actual open cases that a public defender has going at any given time - a number that seems to get larger and larger because of the government's current budget woes. 

Granted, public defenders are probably some of the best legal minds going, but due to the time crunch they face they just can't give their clients the personal attention one would expect when going through something as serious as this.

What Should You Do?

While public defenders are exceptional attorneys, due to the extent of their work load they cannot always provide the time and attention a client needs.  Private, experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys can litigate the criminal and the Implied Consent portion of your case and they can spend the time necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for you.  If you need help with a legal matter, feel free to contact the Rolloff Law Office and schedule a free, no obligation consultation - today.

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