Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Minnesota DWI Conviction - SR-22 Insurance Form (Explained)

One of the hidden penalties of a Drunk Driving arrest, as discussed earlier, is the impact on your motor vehicle insurance. If you've been recently convicted of a Minnesota DWI you may be required to file an SR-22 Insurance Form before you can apply for the reinstatement of your driver’s license. 

As with all DWI related issue, it is important that you discuss this issue with an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to explore the options applicable for your specific situation.

What's an SR-22 Form; Why Do I Need One?

An SR-22 is an insurance certificate that individuals who have been convicted of DWIs and/other related offenses maybe required to submit. Generally, the form is filed by your insurance provider and is meant to prove your financial responsibility through a sufficient and existing liability insurance policy that you have with that provider.  If required such a form is required, you are often obliged to maintain an SR-22 insurance policy for at least three years, depending on the nature of your conviction.

The types of SR-22 forms that may apply if you've been convicted of Drunk Driving include: (i.) an Operator’s Certificate for when do not own a vehicle; (ii.) an Owner’s Certificate for vehicles you own; and (iii.) an Operators-Owners Certificate for owned and non-owned vehicles that you may use.

Where Do You Get SR-22 Insurance Policy Forms?

Auto insurance providers, who specialize in SR-22s, will have these forms. However, I would caution you to shop around - because some providers charge higher premiums than others. Shop around; remember, you're going to be required to carry this level of coverage for at least three years, you are going to need to factor cost into any decision to go with a vehicle insurance provider,  If you need help, contact your Minnesota DWI Attorney for a recommendation.

Then, once you settle on an insurance provider, you have to pay the processing fee and wait for the agency to send the proper request to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety - this usually takes approximately 30 days. If you're approved - you will receive the SR-22 form from the insurance company and a letter from the department stating the details of it.

One Important Reminder!

Never let your SR-22 lapse. Insurance providers are required by law to immediately notify the state if your SR-22 coverage runs out.  If that is the case - you could see your license revoked and you may have to go through the whole SR-22 procedure again - this could also include starting the three-year minimum period starting all over again too.

What Should You Do?

If you have been convicted of Drunk Driving, one of the most important discussions you'll have to have with your Minnesota DWI Attorney is on the whole SR-22 issue. Know this, the process isn’t easy, but with some assistance I do believe that you’ll find that it is in your best interest to submit to it if you wish to regain your driving privileges as soon as possible.

If you've been charged a Minnesota DWI call the Rolloff Law Office at (612) 619-0262 and have me review your case for free. 


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