Monday, August 29, 2011

Minnesota DWI Arrest - Get Your License Back

In July of 2011, the State of Minnesota instituted an almost wholesale change to the DWI Laws - especially as it regarded drivers licence revocations.

Unlike in the past, individuals arested for and/or convicted of Drunk Driving have new options open to them as it regards the revocation of the driver's license - including the option to almost immediately get back on the road by utilizing a device that will prevent their vehicle from starting if their breath shows the presence of alcohol.

What's New?

Granted, under the new law - repeat offenders and/or first-time DWI offenders (with a recorded BAC of .16 or greater) face longer periods of license revocation, but as a trade off  they now have a chance to drive their vehicles sooner if they choose to install an Ignition Interlock device in their vehicle.

Then, rather than facing the full revocation period, without the ability to drive (even with a limited license or work permit,) these individuals now have the option to pay for the installation of the device - and also a monthly fee - and could be back behind the wheel that much quicker.

After installing the interlock device, an individual ready to drive a vehicle must blow into the handheld alcohol sensor usually placed in the dashboard. The device will not allow the vehicle start, if it detects a sufficient amount of alcohol. In addition to keeping the vehicle from starting, it will also conduct rolling or random tests after the vehicle has already started.  This is apparrently designed to prevent a driver from allowing a sober person to blow into the device just to start the vehicle and to further prevent the driver from drinking while driving.

In theory, the purpose of the interlock ignition device is to help monitor drinking and driving activities while promoting road safety - and hopefully encouraging changes in behavior.

For those individuals charged with Drunk Driving who choose option, there's no doubt that they will be inconvienced - but not nearly as much as going without the ability to drive.

What You Should Do?

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