Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hiring a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney (Cost)

All too often when I field calls from individuals who have been charged with a crime who are seeking legal advice and representation- the first question out of their mouths is: “What do you charge?”

Although an important factor in any endeavor, in all do respects COST should not be the deciding factor when someone's rights, freedoms and ultimate future are on the line.

What Should Somone Be Looking For in an Attorney?

If you require the services of a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, a major consideration that should be at the top of anyone's list is whether that lawyer is going to be aggressive and if he is going to fight for you and your defense.

Trust me, when you hire an attorney that will charge a flat fee (based on the amount of work necessary to defend you in court,) the cheapest attorney is usually not the best attorney. And considering that you only get one chance at these things - usually - it would be a serious mistake to hire a lawyer on cost alone.

What You're Up Against

The government's attorneys have almost unlimited resources available to them when it comes to prosecuting and proving their charges against you. As such, you need to hire a representative (and pay a fee) which will allow that lawyer to put in the necessary time and effort so that he can aggressively defend you and your rights.

When you hire the guy who charges the least, do you believe his attitude is going to be "whatever it takes" to defend you? Or is his attitude going to be: How quickly can we plead this case out? 

Why Does it Cost What it Costs?

One thing you're paying for when you hire a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney is his experience - his knowledge of the law an how "the system" works.  When you look for the lowest cost - chances are your sacrificing one of those things.  And believe you me, your reluctance to pay today could cost you much, much, much more in the future.  Again, you only often get one chance at these things; therefore, you need to think of the costs you incur today as an investment. An investment that seeks to ensure that you will not have to pay more in the future - by way of the impacts on your ability to work, your overall freedoms and your ultimate quality of life.

The Next Step

When you hire a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, you should consider more than just price. Ask yourself this, in addition to the out-of-pocket-costs you'll incur --- what else is important to you?  Do you want personal attention, aggressive representation, someone who is experienced in getting his clients just and fair results?

Hey, I've worked on both sides of the aisle - as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. I know the law, I know the government's schemes and motivations - and as a result, I know how to get my clients the results they desire.  Oh, and, I charge a reasonable, well-earned fee.

If you or someone you know needs effective representation - feel free to contact me today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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