Friday, March 11, 2011

Drinking & Driving?

Believe it or not it isn't illegal to drink and drive. Granted, in Minnesota, a measurement of the alcohol (in your blood) cannot register .08 or greater. Oh, and if there is an amount of alcohol less than that in your system, it better not impair your ability to drive because if it does, you could be in trouble there too. But, other than that --- feel free to enjoy your thimble-sized cocktail and the open road.  Or not.  Apparently the nanny state (which I believe shares a border with the police state) is alive in well in Washington D.C. where Senators Udall and Corker have proposed a law that could lead to alcohol sensoring equipment being standard issue in EVERY vehicle.

Maybe it's just me - but when has treating EVERYONE as the problem ever solved the problem?  Whether it's putting an alcohol detector in everyone's car to "protect" us from drunk drivers or feeling-up everyone at the airport to "protect" us from a few terrorists - this is not protection. Rather, it is the first of many baby steps toward the sort of totalitarian state that Orwell described - no? 

Where will it stop people? A law requiring automobiles made entirerly out of Nerf? Maybe that's a law I could get behind - and a car that I wouldn't mind running out in front of?

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