Sunday, February 11, 2018

Minnesota Domestic Assault Attorney

An investigation (and allegations) of domestic assault within the home may often lead to a criminal charge.  If you have been cited for as much, it is important to get information from an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney.

Domestic Assault

In addition to criminal charges, a crime related to domestic violence could also result in the issuance of a civil restraining order. 

The law setting forth what constitutes the Crime of Domestic Assault --- explains that one has committed a misdemeanor if his or her intended action is to create fear of imminent physical harm or death in a family member.

Family Member 

According to the law a family or household members can include the following:
  • Spouses and ex-spouses of the defendant
  • Children and parents of the defendant
  • Any person related by blood, such as siblings
  • House-mates or past house-mates
  • Co-parent to a child of defendant
  • Pregnant woman if defendant is the alleged father
Also --- when someone is sexually involved with another ... that person is also considered covered family member for the purposes of domestic assault crimes.

It is also a violation if he or she purposely does exact or does attempt to exact bodily harm on someone in the family.

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