Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Minnesota DWIs (Explained)

Generally, as a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney I recognize that Drunk Driving/DWI cases fall into one of two types: 

The first category is the least prevalent.  Here, there is a flaw in the government's case.  That means: maybe the police lacked proper cause to make an arrest or their testing equipment was flawed, or the officer did not do the tests Or... maybe there is a problem with the chain of custody or other evidence issues.  There are a number of possibilities that might make the case difficult or impossible to prove.  This is where someone with experience on both sides of the aisle, like me, can be helpful.  First, I know what to look for in a case to find weaknesses.  Second, I know the value of weaknesses to the defense case.  Finally, I can make an informed judgment as to what my client can possibly expect.  In short, experience helps get the best results.

The second category is more likely.  Here, there is no problem with the government's case that can be exploited... The cops did their jobs correctly, the equipment was in proper working condition, and there are really no issues, etc.  The government has a strong belief that it can make its case without difficulty.  Here, experience counts too.  By having been on the other side of well over a 1,000 DWI prosecutions, I know the best results that can be expected.  Just because the case is an uphill battle for the accused doesn't mean you can't a break.  Of course, individual results will depend on the circumstances.

The bottom line is that if you are accused of a Minnesota DWI violation, the Rolloff Law Office can help.  Call today: (612) 234-1165.

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