Friday, December 7, 2012

Affordable Attorneys (Explained)

Finding an affordable Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney can seem an impossible task, especially during tough economic times.  Unfortunately, this results in many "not-rich: individuals being unable to secure private counsel, which has a number of downsides.  Not the least of which is that the "free" lawyers --- the Public Defenders find themselves overworked, and those accused of crimes find themselves losing faith in the justice system.

Thankfully, there are lawyers, like the Rolloff Law Office, who employ technology (among other cost cutting means) to keep costs down, which should translate to lower overall rates.

First, I maintain an electronic filing system.  Cloud computing has helped lower the risk of data loss, and if files are maintained electronically the attorney can save money on paper, ink and storage.  Electronic files are also easier to search, access, and share.

Second, I use the new e-filing system currently being implemented in many Minnesota courts.  The courts are notoriously slow, and the costs of running government centers and courthouses is enormous.  As a way to save costs, many counties have begun an electronic filing initiative called “e-file.”  Filing court documents electronically will save paper and ink, and help with office management.

Finally, but certainly not least, is the effect of modernity (meaning, my office isn't  a palace --- or a shrine to my ego) Trust me, fancy art on the wall might make you think the lawyer has his sh*t together ... but how does that accomplish your goals.  Seriously, I get just as much done - without having to feed my ego.  Shoot, with a phone, computer, printer and fax machine, a lawyer can accomplish everything they need.

Not all firms are up to date.  Buyer beware: a higher price doesn't mean a better result.  Higher fees might simply be the cost of antiquated methods rather than quality representation.

What Should You Do?

Get the most for your money.  Call today: Rolloff Law (612) 234-1165.  Free consultations... and agressive affordable legal representation.

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