Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fight an Order for Protection/Harassment Order (Explained)

Orders for protection, or restraining orders, are typically issued to prevent further abuse, stalking, or domestic violence. Orders for protection require the person to stay a designated number of feet away from the person filing the order. They may also include additional provisions. If you have no idea what I;ve just set-forth here, you may need a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to assist you.  

Minnesota Restraining Orders

Minnesota restraining orders (order for protection) may be for a short amount of time or last up to two years. Once filed a restraining order prohibits any contact to be made with the person who filed the order. During divorce cases restraining orders can be extremely difficult and painful, especially when children are involved. Restraining orders may also keep a person away from their home during a divorce case.

Although restraining orders are designed to keep citizens safe from abuse and harassment, they may also be filed out of revenge or punishment. If this is the case the restraining order must be fought immediately with force in order to resolve the situation. 

Minneapolis Personal Protection Order Attorney

If a spouse, family member, or other person has filed a restraining order against you that is unjust contact the Rolloff Law Office today. I understand that divorce cases, family matters, and other situations become complicated and emotional. This does not excuse orders for protection filed out of revenge or punishment, and I'm dedicated to fighting them to the fullest extent.  Free Consultations: (612) 234-1165.  

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