Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fighting a Minnesota Arrest (Explained)

Because I've seen it more times than I care to count (and even I've lived it,) if you have been accused of a crime, my guess is that it has caused to experience a lot of confusion, anger, and a lot of doubt regarding your future. Even if the cops got it wrong, you can't help feeling that if you're convicted, you know that your life could forever change.

Fortunately, just because you've been charged with an offense you do not necessarily have to be convicted of it ... and even if you are --- you don’t have to receive the harshest penalties the law has to hand down.

How?  How about working with an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney?

What To Do After An Arrest

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving, Theft, Domestic Assault, Criminal Sexual Conduct, a Drug Crime or any criminal offense, you should not say anything to the arresting officer or anyone else asking you questions until you have talked to a lawyer.

An experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney will guide you through the arrest process and also be present with you during questioning so that you do not incriminate yourself. Even if you believe what you are saying is not going to incriminate you, you would be surprised at what can be misconstrued and used against you.

Kick-ass Representation

The key to successful representation is being aggressive while also giving you the legal and the moral support that you need to reach a satisfactory resolution to your case.

Strategies are created to show that there may be reasonable doubt that you committed the crime or that the offense was not as severe as the charge. There are areas of the law that can render charges against a person invalid, so they may be reduced.

What Should You Do

At the Rolloff Law Office, you'll have experience working for you - experience as a former prosecutor.

Trust me, you need someone who has represented individuals charged with all kinds of offenses - at all levels -  and earned successful results.

The Rolloff Law Office  has a history of helping people avoid prison time, even when convicted. The reason for this is powerful negotiating skills when it comes to negotiating sentencing for clients.  Call today for a FREE consultation: (612) 234-1165

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