Friday, August 3, 2012

Avoid a Minnesota Speeding Ticket

All too often, I get calls "after the fact" - that is after someone gets a ticket.  For those of you hoping to avoid making a call to an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, here are some helpful suggestions about how to avoid getting a speeding citation.

1. Never Admit That You Were Speeding
If you do get pulled over, if I can offer you one suggestion --- Never admit that you were speeding. You don't want to give the cops any ammunition to use against you if you want to challenge your ticket in the future.  So, when the officer tells you that you are speeding, giving a brief, noncommittal response like, "I see" or "I was not aware of my speed" is the best course of action.  (Not the best way to go: sarcastically asking - "What's the problem, Officer?" won't help you.)

2. Know That Your Vehicle Says Something About You

Most officers decide whether you're getting a ticket or a warning before they even approach your vehicle. A good rule of thumb is to keep your car maintained in such a way that you wouldn't be embarrassed to drive it to a job interview. Keep it clean, decluttered, and free of bumper stickers that are anti-police or pro-violence. Also, don't have any aftermarket add-ons like spoilers, tinted windows, and neon undercarriage lights. You want to say "I'm responsible and law-abiding," not "I hate the police, I speed all the time, and I'm trying to hide something from you."

3. Plead Not Guilty, and Continue out Your Court Date as Many Times As You Can

The more time you put between your speeding encounter and your court date, the better.  This about it, just how many people does an officer pulls over in a month. How many of them do you think they'll remember two or even six months from now, especially if you take your ticket quietly and move on? The more continuances you can reasonably request, the more time you have to collect your evidence and prepare your defense — and the less specific that officer's recollection of you will be. Getting a continuance also increases the probability that the ticketing officer retires, transfers to another department, or just doesn't show up for your court date. In almost all of these extenuating situations, the case against you will be dropped.

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