Monday, August 6, 2012

5 Common Mistakes Police Make in Minnesota DWI Cases

The truth of the matter is cops are human and as such they make mistakes.  The following are common mistakes that law enforcement makes when enforcing the Drunk Driving laws.  If they've occurred in the midst of your case, an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney locate them and work to reduce the charges and/or dismiss the State's case against you.


Did the police have a proper suspicion (ie., a good, legal reason) to stop your vehicle? An officer may not stop you on a "hunch" because you looked "suspicious". There has to be some reasonable cause, such as a violation of traffic laws, erratic driving, an accident, or some other good reason.


Did the cops assume that the odor of an alcoholic beverage meant you were intoxicated? Odor of alcohol may be sufficient evidence of consumption.


Did the officer fail to ask pertinent questions about your potential medical problems? Many medical issues imitate clues of intoxication.


Did the officer conduct the field exercises in an unfair manner? These include being aware of, but failing to eliminate, distractions during the field exercises (e.g. loose gravel, surfaces that are not level, environmental issues such as snow, ice, misting, wind blowing, darkness).


Did the police read your rights from the implied consent advisory form just before offering you the test to determine your alcohol concentration?

Protecting your rights in court to defend a Minnesota DWI charge against you is something the Rolloff Law Office can help you with.  I will review with you what you will be facing and ensure that you are treated fairly, including your right to have a private assessment done which could satisfy the requirement.

I am an experienced Minnesota Drunk Driving Attorney and I will defend you and will file an "implied consent" court action  to reinstate your driver's license and, more importantly, get the alcohol notation removed from your driving record.

If you've been arrested for Drunk Driving in Minnesota, you need experience legal representation right away. Call me for a free consultation, and I'll explain exactly what I can do to help you. An arrest is not the same as a conviction! Call today (612) 234-1165.

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