Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Minnesota DWI Laws - Unfair to Women?

According to a recent study, a man and a woman consuming similar quantities of alcohol can have different Blod Alcohol Content ("BAC") Why? Weel, according to said study women tend to have less water and more fat tissues which leads to lower absorption of alcohol and a higher BACs. Moreover, women’s bodies are smaller; so while one drink for a 120 pound woman can lead to higher BAC, the same drink for a man who weighs more could lead to a normal BAC.

Factors Affecting Women’s BAC

There are many factors which affect a person’s BAC. These include:
  •  Weight and Size of the person,
  •  Gender,
  •  Physical condition,
  • The amount and type of food eaten,
  • Amount of sleep,
  • Types of medication taken
  • The alcohol content of the drink.
In the final analysis, the most important factor affecting ones BAC is the size and gender of the person. With the increase in body weight, the BAC also varies. If the body weight is about 90 pounds, then the BAC would be about .05; however, if the body weight is 220 pounds, then the BAC will be about .04.

Women, on average, have a smaller built than men, hence equal doses of alcohol lead to higher BACs in women. Moreover, as women have more body fat which contains lesser water, alcohol does not get easily diluted which leads to higher blood concentration levels in women. Alcohol dehydrogenase, which helps the body expel alcohol from the system, is found less in women which leads to more pure alcohol entering their bloodstream. The hormone levels of women also fluctuate, and alcohol sets in faster when estrogen levels are higher, such as during the premenstrual period.

Irrespective of the offender’s gender, DWI laws are quite strict and the consequences are similar in various states of the US. It is necessary that offenders undergo a series of tests to analyze the amount of alcohol consumed. The testing procedures are same for both men and women.

Reasons for Drunk Driving Among Women

The major reason for higher DWI cases among women is the change in lifestyle and increase in stress which has lead to alcohol abuse. Various drunk driving cases have resulted in fatal accidents as well as severe injuries. Heavy drinking among women can also lead to health problems and health conditions like miscarriages and complications during pregnancy.

Though there are different DWI laws for women, those are as strict as the laws for men and the consequences are just as severe ranging from penalties to license suspension.

Need Legal Help?

It is important to understand your rights when you have been arrested on Drunk Driving charges. Be sure to consult an experienced Minnesota DWI Lawyer if you have any further questions about Minnesota laws or DWI cases. Call the Rolloff Law Office today (612) 234-1165.

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