Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Avoid a MN DWI (Explained)

Common sense is, unfortunately, commonly overlooked-particularly when it comes to Drunk Driving in Minnesota.  The easiest way to avoid a DWI is to not drink and drive. When you want to go out and drink, you can hail a cab, walk home, select a designated driver or wait until you are sober to drive home. If you neglect to follow these tips though, there are still some things an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney wants you to do to protect your rights when stopped for a Drunk Driving.


Pull over in a safe spot. One of an officer’s first indicators of your sobriety is where you choose to pull over. If you immediately freak out and pull over in a dimly lit, high traffic area, you may already be giving the officer suspicions about your mental state.

Stay silent. Don’t say, “I was just on my way from a friend’s house in Wayzata.” Don’t say anything. It can all end up hurting you later on.

Be kind. There is never a good reason to be rude to a state trooper. They are only trying to keep the roads safe. Being impolite will only hurt your case later on.

Decline the field sobriety tests. This tests are optional. There is no benefit for you if you take it, and whether or not you submit to the test, you will be arrested at this point anyway.

Refuse the portable/roadside breath test. These tests are highly inaccurate and there is no legal obligation for you to take one. (Granted, you'll probably be arrested if you do not take the rest - but if you "fail" it --- you're going to be arrested anyway.) You will only be providing the officer evidence against you.

Take the chemical test - back at the station. In other states, you are better off facing the penalties for not taking these tests than you are facing a DWI charge. In Minnesota this is not the case. Always take the chemical test when asked to.

Request an attorney. As soon as you are arrested, begin asking for an attorney. The officers may not give you legal representation immediately, but it will show you are aware of your rights. Additionally, the sooner you hire a Minnesota DWI Defense Lawyer the sooner he can begin developing a strong case for your Administrative Driver's License Hearing to prevent the suspension of your license.

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