Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MN DWI - Alcohol Monitoring (Explained)

If you have been cited for a first or second-degree Minnesota DWI, you could find yourself subjected to alcohol-sensative monitoring time - even before you're ever found guilty and sentenced for a crime.  Upon arrest for certain Drunk Driving offenses, individuals face pre-trial conditions - often those include electronic home monitoring of possible alcohol consumption.

Often, as a condition of almost any DWI arrest, is abstaining from alcohol.  As the nature of those offenses becomes more serious - ie., that either the alcohol in your system at the time of the arrest was high and/or you have a history of being arrested for alcohol-related driving offenses - you could also be subjected to monitoring whereby you are constantly assessed to see whether you're in compliance with said condition. 

In the State of Minnesota, such monitoring is often invoked for people who fall into one of the following categories:
  • A third alcohol related driving offense within the past ten years;
  • A second such violation, if under 19 years old;
  • A violation that occurred when one's license was already cancelled as inimical to public safety for a prior violation; or
  • A violation involving an alcohol concentration of (.20) or more.
In addition to pre-trial monitoring, there can also be a post-sentencing condition imposed upon you as well.  According to state lawmakers, most third-time DWI offenders (and all DWI offenders under the age of 19) must submit to such "testing" for a for a period time while on probation - after they've been punished. 

What Can You Do?

Ask yourself this question: Are you ready to be monitored? It may not be up to you. But you can get the support, knowledgeable and experience of Minnesota DWI Attorney to help you and to ensure that your rights are protected and that the consequences imposed upon you are the best deal possible.

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