Friday, October 14, 2011

Minnesota DWI and Criminal Attorney Fees (Explained)

Whether or not you've dealt with an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense or DWI Attorney before, you probably assume one thing - it's going to be expensive. And, if you're like me or like most people, you want to get the best lawyer possible for the lowest amount of money, right?

Although I agree that price is a valid factor to consider, you also need to acknowledge this: the Minnesota DWI Attorney that you decide to hire is going to be trusted with a lot of responsibility. He will be holding your life - and your future - in his hands.

If he fails to do the work, put forth the effort or pick up the phone when you call - it's not him that will pay the price.  Rather, you (and you alone) will be the one who could end up in jail, paying huge fines and losing everything that is important to you.

In the end, you need to ask yourself this: What is my freedom, my hard earned money, and my reputation worth to me?

With So Much at Stake, Do You Really Want the Cheapest Option?

Some people can be scared off by the fees I charge.  Now, I'll guarantee you I'm not most expensive Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney out there, but I'm also probably not the cheapest either.  I charge what I charge because I provide more value than the attorneys out there selling you on price. What I offer is, unlike other Minnesota DWI attorneys, great legal services that earn my clients the results that they desire.  I can also assure you that at the end of the day I'm doing everything I can to protect you, your rights and your future. 

Do This Now

If you think you need a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to help you - odds are you really do need one.  Hey, I'm ready to help. I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and am ready to help you now.  Call the Rolloff Law Office today at (612) 619-234-1165 to find out how.

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