Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DWI Urine Testing (Explained)

It's enough to make you angry or even (to be a tad vulgar) - P*ssed Off. 

Minnesota, unlike nearly every other state in the union, insists on relying on an outmoded and (IMHO) unreliable means to determine an individuals blood alcohol-concentration - they test Urine. 

What's Wrong With Urine?

Urine samples, because of the wide array of problems and challenges available to an astute, experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, are generally thought of as the least reliable of the three (blood, breath or Urine) types of chemical tests used to determine the amount of alcohol in an individuals system.

What does this mean for you? Well,the bad news is that it could lead to an unfair arrest and charges of Drunk Driving; however, do to the inherent problems in collecting and testing such samples - it could also be what gets your arrest and the subsequent charges dismissed.  Alas, the cost to getting to that point prohibits me from saying that that is "good" news.

What Problems?

There has been a lot of heated arguments made in court rooms throughout state around the issue of Urine testing as of late.  Often those battles are over: (i.) how the sample was collected and stored; (ii.) whether or not the person from who the sample was taken got a chance to first void his/her bladder before collection, and (iii.) if a warrant is necessary to collect such a sample in the first place.

What Should You Do?

The government has doctors, lawyers and various experts on its side - shouldn't you have the same sorts of protections working for you to ensure that they're doing their job correctly, that your rights are protected and so that you can get the outcome you desire?  If you answered YES to that question - you are taking responsibility, for yourself, your actions, and your future - as such, you should reach-out to an experienced Minnesota DWI Attorney.

The Rolloff Law Office picks apart every part of our client's DWI cases - from the conduct of law enforcement (their searches and seizures) down to an analysis of the scientific tests they require you to perform. No part of your arrest should  go unexamined.  Be smart, if you've been arrested (or believe that you will be charged with a crime shortly,) contact an attorney and learn your options.  Trust me - often it's the best investment against a uncertain future.

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