Friday, July 1, 2011

Do Not "Just Plead Guilty" to a DWI - Ever

There are things you regret in life, right?  Lost loves; great deals gone bye-bye, that time you should've zigged - but instead you zagged...  I am all for feeling down about the dumb things we do. The fact is we're human beings (as opposed to robots) and from time to time we will do dumb things - a lot of dumb things - and afterwards we often feel bad about it.  That being said, if that dumb decision leads to you being charged with Drunk Driving, don't compound the situation by doing something even dumber. Seriously, if you've been charged with a DWI (or any other crime) you owe it to yourself to speak with an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to help you with the situation. Here's the reason why.

A DWI conviction is unlike every other criminal conviction. There is no doubt that Drunk Driving is a bad thing, but so is driving while texting. But, because DWI has been saddled with such a negative connotation, lawmakers have created some extremely harsh penalties. For example, there are often mandatory jail sentences for first-time offenders, in addition to mandatory fines, license suspensions, increased insurance rates, and as of July 1, 2011, (here in the State of Minnesota,) the possibility of mandatory interlock ignition equipment. You'll also most likely be ordered to perform some sort of community service, submit to a mandatory alcohol assessment (and to follow all of the recommendations that come from it) and there is often a probationary term. If you hire an experienced Minnesota Drunk Driving Attorney, like me, to help you, a great deal of that can usually be avoided.

Alas, far too many people assume that because they've been arrested (for doing something "wrong"), they should own up to it. No offense, but if you do that, you're foolish.

In our state's criminal courts it's the government's burden to prove that the accused is guilty - beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a right that our forefathers fought for - why not use it?  If you go into court, believing that your doing the "right" thing by just pleading guilty - and expecting the system to understand - I'm sad to say, it just doesn't work like that.

What you get for your trouble is a DWI on your record -and everything that goes along with it. But, if you taken the time to hire an experienced Minnesota DWI Attorney and set him to go to work for you - you'll have someone on your side giving your desires a voice and you'll know that your rights will be protected.

In the end, we all get to make our own decisions - we all get to make our own mistakes. But every hard lesson need not come with the most severe punishment  Being altruistic, falling on your sword to show you take responsibility for what you've done, doesn't really win you any points with anyone. All it does is make your life harder.

If you are charged with a DWI, don't just go in and just plead guilty. Hire an experienced Minnesota DWI Attorney as soon as you can, and fight for your rights. Not only does this decision help you have some say in the punishment you'll receive, it will also demonstrate that in fact you are taking this matter seriously. 

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