Friday, November 10, 2017

How to Pass Field Sobriety Tests?

As an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, I am frequently asked questions about Drunk Driving.  A lot of people want to know:

How to pass the field sobriety tests that the officer gives - to determine if you are intoxicated.   Sadly --- here’s the secret: literally nobody who takes field sobriety tests ever passes.


Here's the reality of this situation: The officer administering the tests makes marks on a score sheet every time he observes something the officer wants to note. Each mark is more proof to support probable cause. No particular number of marks indicates a fail. Instead, each and every mark indicates one (or one more) indication of impairment. Then those marks, whether one or twenty, are included among other factors in a “totality of the circumstances” assessment of whether the officer had probable cause to arrest you.

Minnesota courts have held that even one of many ephemeral and subjective “clues” is enough to arrest, including “bloodshot, watery eyes,” “the odor of consumed alcoholic beverages,” or “an uncooperative attitude.” The rest is just more “evidence” to make the determination of probable cause stand up in court. Once you agree to step out of the car, the officer will note that you used the door or door frame to steady yourself (because nobody plants their feet and stands up without grabbing something). Anything you do from that point on, a walk-and-turn test, an eye test (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus), or a one-leg stand, will simply add marks to support the probable cause finding.

Here’s the Secret

Don’t take them. You don’t have to stand on one leg, follow a pen-light with your eyes, or walk an imaginary line. You don’t have to blow in the PBT, the roadside breath test, although it is a crime, usually, to refuse the breath test at the police station. And you are not going to perform your way out of an arrest.

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