Thursday, November 5, 2015

Minnesota 2nd Degree DWI (Explained)

If you have spent a single second looking up Minnesota Second Degree DWI on the internet ... you are already aware that it is a very serious offense --- and that you will almost certainly face jail time if convicted of that crime.  

Criminal Consequences

If you are convicted of a Minnesota Second Degree DWI you could facing a lengthy jail consequence.  This sentence is usually split up between actual jail time and electronic home monitoring with alcohol supervision.  If you have one prior DWI conviction with a current 2nd Degree DWI charge, you will most likely be sentenced to serve 30 days in jail of which you must serve 48 hours in custody and the balance can then usually be served on electronic home monitoring.  There is no mandatory minimum jail time if you are convicted of a 2nd Degree DWI charge but do not have any prior DWI convictions.  However, because there are aggravating factors involved that led to the 2nd Degree DWI charge, you will still most likely face a request for a jail sentence from the prosecutor if convicted of that offense.  

Civil Consequences

If you're facing a 2nd Degree DWI charge ... you could also be subject to increased driver’s license revocation periods, license plate impoundment, and the potential loss of your vehicle.  This is why you should talk to an experienced Minnesota Drunk Driving Attorney

A Second Degree Minnesota DWI charge almost automatically triggers the seizure of your vehicle.  The arresting law enforcement agency will take your vehicle and give you notice that it intends to permanently take your vehicle from you.  If this happens, it is important to contact an experienced MN DWI Lawyer immediately.  Paperwork needs to be filed with the court in a timely manner in order to preserve your ability to challenge your vehicle forfeiture.

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