Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hastings Criminal Defense Lawyer - Affordable

Any individual who seeks legal services already knows they need the help of an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney. That being said ... the should not have to go to law school to understand the legal system.

Having had been at this for some time, I am well aware that individuals who have been arrested for something are frightened about the consequences they may face. They have been through an emotional experience. They don’t understand the legal process and they can be frustrated by people who speak in legal jargon. 

One of my jobs is to explain to individuals what their rights are, to look at whether any of them have been violated and to explain how the court system works — to make it a lot less intimidating and frightening.  If you or someone you love has caught a case, you likely think that there is 
serious trouble ahead.  My goal is to talk straight ... to tell the truth ... and by shining light on the dilemma --- help everyone understand what they’re facing and what the possibilities are.

I take the time to explain in a language they can understand exactly what the issues are. I know how to ask the right questions. They can explain to me in their own words what happened and I can translate that from legal jargon into what their rights and responsibilities will be.

I do that throughout the whole process, not at just the first meeting.... through the whole case.  

For any criminal defense legal services you think you might need, please feel free to contact the Rolloff Law Office for a FREE CONSULTATION and to earn a clear understanding of what your options are.  CALL NOW: (612) 234-1165


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