Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hennepin County Expungement Lawyer

After a conviction ... even a charge, a criminal record can continue to follow you for long after the case is resolved --- even if the charges against you were ultimately dismissed.  If your criminal or arrest record is holding you back, an experienced Minnesota Expungement Attorney may be able to help you put your past behind you. With an intimate understanding of the criminal process - earned by working as a prosecutor, the Rolloff Law Office has helped numerous clients clear their names through the expungement process. I can you evaluate your situation to see if can get your record sealed and I'll walk you through every step of the process.

When a Record May be Expunged

Expungement is not open to everyone --- as it is available in a limited number of circumstances. Records of arrest, indictment and trial for fourth- and fifth-degree controlled substance violations as well as other minor drug crimes may be expunged following a dismissal or discharge. A juvenile offender who was prosecuted as an adult may also petition for expungement following discharge and successful completion of probation. Lastly, records of arrest, indictment and trial may be expunged in any criminal case that resolved in favor of the defendant, including dismissals and acquittals.

How to Do This

If you want to expunge your criminal record, a Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer can help you file a properly formatted petition with the appropriate court. This petition must contain your identifying information, including all past addresses since the date of the alleged offense; the reason why you are seeking expungement; details regarding the offense or alleged offense you are seeking to have expunged; details of your current criminal history and a history of all prior expungement requests you have filed.

Expungement is not automatic and requires the petitioner to appear at a court hearing before a judge decides whether to grant the petition. Having an experienced expungement lawyer represent you can not only help ensure your petition is complete and accurate but can be especially helpful in effectively presenting your case to the judge at your expungement hearing.

The Rolloff Law Office helped clients across Minnesota erase blemishes from their recods --- such as theft, drug and assault offenses from their criminal records. Call today to set-up a FREE CONSULTATION --- (612) 234-1165.

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