Monday, February 18, 2013

Minnesota DWI Costs (Explained)

If you're reading this, likely you know that alcohol can impair your ability to safely operate a vehicle. Beyond the dangers of operating your vehicle under the influence (and the fact that you can go to jail if arrested) there are other HUGE costs of a Minnesota DWI conviction that you may have never thought of.  Meaning - in addition to being quite upsetting to your family and loved ones - you can also put your job in peril because some employers have clauses in their employee contracts that set out that a conviction for DWI can get you fired --- this is particularly true if driving a vehicle is one factor of your ongoing employment.

An experienced Minnesota DWI Lawyer should be able to explain to you that yet another hidden cost of a DWI conviction can be the difficulty in getting your license reinstated. Oftentimes after a lengthy suspension period (sometimes up to three years), you can have your license reinstated, but the fees are often cost prohibitive for some individuals. 

There are even more potential hidden costs to a Minnesota DWI conviction such as:

  • The cost of incarceration/ work release/ electronic home monitoring;
  • Treatment (at your cost;)
  • Increased cost of health insurance; and
  • Being prevented from entering foreign countries (ie., Canada;)

The extent of these hidden costs highlights how important it is to find an experienced Minnesota DWI Lawyer in Minneapolis with the experience, knowledge and dedication to help you with your charge. The Rolloff Law Office has experience from both sides of the aisle that we will put to work for you. As your Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, I will bring my education, experience and compassion to your case to earn the best possible outcome.

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