Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Pick an Affordable Defense Attorney (Explained)

Even if you think you're guilty of something, it is your right to have legal counsel. It is your right to have your own Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer. But how exactly do you find a good, experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney? Here are a couple tips, in case you or someone you love find yourself in trouble some time in the future:

Tip # 1: Ask for recommendations from friends/family

Although someone what difficult or embarrassing, ask those you trust. Check if any of your family members have been a similar legal position as yours and have worked with a Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer. If they have been satisfied with their relationship and the performance of the lawyer, they will certainly share some names of lawyers.

Tip #2: Call the Minnesota Bar Association (or look online) and seek some recommendations

The Minnesota Bar Association would definitely have a listing of all criminal lawyers registered. You may want to let them know the jurisdiction you are in and request for contact information of  criminal defense attorney, who can best help you.

Tip #3: Check the past cases handled by the criminal lawyer

You may want to cross check references and see if he or she has handled a case similar to yours. Experience in handling similar cases can be an advantage, an assurance that the lawyer knows how to manage the same situation.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of a Free Consultation
Meet with a lawyer - get a good feel for the person and see if he/she is going to work for or with you.

If you have a legal question - feel free to call the Rolloff Law Office today to ask questions or set up a FREE CONSULTATION --- (612) 234-1165.


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