Monday, March 19, 2018

Do You Need a DWI Lawyer (Explained)

A charge of Drunk Driving in the State of Minnesota is not to be taken lightly. You could be looking at the burden of court appearances, a hit to your driving record, BIG fines and the possibility of jail.

If you or someone you love has caught a charge --- you should consider contacting an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney to get the information you need. Driving under the influence is a serious criminal charge that may have ramifications on your future employment, housing and even education choices. 

How quickly do I need to consult an attorney if I’ve been charged with Driving Under the Influence? 

The sooner that you have an attorney running through the specifics of your case, the better they will be able to defend your legal rights and interests! The answer is as soon as possible. With DWI charges, there are multiple variables to consider as you craft your legal defense. 

Is this your first DUI charge or have you been arrested for DWI previously? 
Was anyone injured or was property damaged by your actions? 
What was your Blood Alcohol Content at the time of arrest? 
Is your charge related to alcohol or another substance? 
What other charges were associated with your arrest for driving under the influence? 

Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights is one of the most important steps toward having a fair trial. 

Did you know that you are allowed to record the entire exchange if you are being stopped, without having to ask the officer? If you have a smartphone, you can do this pretty easily once you’ve been stopped. Having this record can only help you. 

Did you know that law enforcement could still arrest you even if your breath sample is 0.000? The consequence for refusing to provide a breath sample is a 12-month driver’s license suspension as opposed to a 6-month suspension if you cooperate and provide a breath sample. 

Did you know that the State of Minnesota will try to use whatever you do in the breath sample phase against you whether you provide a breath sample or not? 

Don’t be caught off-guard with your future – consult an attorney immediately to help solidify your defense against this criminal charge.  Working with the Rolloff Law Office can ensure that none of your rights are ignored. If you’re being charged with driving under the influence in the State of Minnesota, contact us today: (612) 234-1165

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