Saturday, May 28, 2016

Minnnesota Juvenile Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

Sadly, many do not understand that a juvenile who engages in felony criminal sexual conduct and is convicted of it will face long-term consequences. Most believe - because the accused is a juvenile that - it will just disappear when the child turns 18.  That is not the case.  

What You Should Know

Juvenile sex crimes can result in the minor being charged as an adult and this means serving an adult prison sentence. If your child has been charged with felony criminal sexual conduct in the State of Minnesota, it is imperative to secure the services of an experienced Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney who knows how to fix such matters. An attorney protects the rights of your child and works hard to avoid the potential consequences of the charge. 

There is no guarantee that your child’s case will be handled in juvenile court.when criminal charges are brought.  Therefore, it is important that the child is defended. The reason is because not all children who offend become adult offenders, so their future depends on whether or not they are tried as a child and determining if the charge does have merit. False accusations do happen among the juvenile population as well. There is also the fact that young children abusing other children may be an indication that the child offender is being abused by someone older than them or they had been abused in the past. That is not always the case, but this does seem to be a common theme.

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