Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Minnesota No Contact Orders (Explained)

Unfortunately, domestic violence is an all too common occurrence in the State of Minnesota. If you or someone you love suddenly find themselves charged with a crime --- or is in need of an order of protection --- you need to understand what you’re up against.  This is why you should contact a Minnesota Defense Attorney.

What You Need to Know

A very common occurrence --- when someone is charged with domestic violence crime is that the accused is prohibited from having contact with the complaning witness --- this can also include their residence and their family.  In Minnesota --- this can come in the form of a DANCO (Domestic Abuse No Contact Order) and/or OFP (Order for Protection.)

Violate one of these orders and one can find them-self facing even more charges.  Therefore, it is vital that him/her understands what the different kinds of orders require of you.

What These Orders Prevent One From Doing


Once a judge hears the case, she will decide on which type of protective order to make and the stipulations thereof --- including:  
  • A prohibition from going near your own home (if the alleged victim continues to reside there), the alleged victim’s workplace, and possibly your children’s school(s);
  • Removal of custody of your children (or limitations in your rights);
  • Payment of spousal support to your accuser;
  • Restitution for domestic assault, including payment for injuries;
  •  Awarded divorce and termination of spousal rights;
  • Mandatory counseling/therapy; and 
  • Anything the judge deems necessary. 

If You Fail To Follow The Order

Breaking a protective order is punishable by law, and in most cases will earn you criminal charges . If a protective order is issued against you and you don’t understand it, the best thing you can do is talk to a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer who can explain what you are up against and tell you your options. 

The Rolloff Law Office is a Minneapolis-based criminal and defense firm known for fighting aggressively for its clients and utilizing tactics honed while serving as a prosecutor.  Call to set up a FREE CONSULTATION - today - (612) 234-1165 


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