Thursday, October 8, 2015

Isanti County Criminal Defense Attorney - Domestic Assault

A domestic assault charge is very serious because of the consequences - in court and out --- before court and after -  that can occur. 

If you or someone you love has been charged with domestic violence, the possible consequences can include jail time, fines, anger management, probation, and an order for protection  --- that prevents contact with the victim and any minor children.

What Should You Do?

First, it can't hurt to talk to a qualified and aggressive Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney to get answers about how to secure a good result in the case. 

All too often, domestic violence claims are the result of a divorce, retaliation, custody battles, and other personal matters. While law enforcement in Minnesota aggressively pursues domestic violence claims --- my experience (both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer) has shown me that these are tough cases to prove and that sometimes allegations are false.  Shoot, even when a claim has merit, that does not mean that someone will be convicted. There may be facts in each case that do not warrant the huge penalties and/or for a parent to be separated from family by way of an order for protection.

Fighting Domestic Violence Claims

Domestic violence penalties in the State of Minnesota are serious. In addition to fine, jail, and probation ... a person’s right to own or purchase firearms can be effected as well. 

In addition to the domestic violence accusation itself --- which could lead to criminal charges --- there is also the chance someone can use that situation to gain an order for protection. The complaining witness can acquire this order just with her/his claim. 

Don't Screw Around

The moment the charges are filed, it is very important to call an experienced Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorney.  For, as I have told 1000s of clients, just because there is an accusation doesn’t mean that conviction will follow. And, just because the case may seem confusing and difficult doesn’t mean that there is no hope for a more an acceptable outcome.  With the right attorney --- you can get the right advice, guidance, and support ... so that you can keep this situation from getting any more complicated.  


Domestic Assault is a serious accusation.  If you are facing such a charge, it is important to seek representation that you can count on.  To learn more about your rights and options, call The Rolloff Law Office at (612) 234-1165 to schedule a free consultation.

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