Thursday, September 17, 2015

Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyer (Apple Valley)

Unlike a trip to your favorite restaurant, you are unlikely to find - when visiting an attorney  - a flat rate for his services based just on the alleged crime committed.  Instead, as an experienced Apple Valley Criminal Defense Attorney, when I determine a total cost I lok at a number of factors.  

Why Do You Charge What You Charge?

Some common considerations --- that go into determining how much money you can expect to spend on your legal services include:

1. Your Case (Type/Level of Offense)

The largest factor in determining the cost of my services depends on exactly what you’re asking me to do. For example, hiring an attorney to get you out of an assault charge is going to cost more than paying him to get you out of a traffic ticket.  Another big factor is how much time I/we will need to spend reviewing, preparing and fighting your case. Again ... I'm not going to need a whole lot of time getting up to speed on a Driving After Revocation ticket; however, something like a DWI or a felony controlled substance crime charge --- that will often involve a lot more work.  

When we meet --- and I know what you want/need me to do --- and what I can do --- I should be able to give you an idea of how much time I'll need to get you that result at the initial, free consultation.

2. Experience

Often ... the more experienced an attorney is, the more money he is apt to charge you.  (And, going to an inexperienced may save you money at the outset, but if they can’t secure an outcome - that considers not only the short term consequences ... but, also looks at where you might be five-years down the road - you might end up paying more or getting a worse sentence in the end. 

As a former prosecutor, I saw many people overcharged and under-served.  I try to be fair ... because I know that not everyone has a ton of money to thrown at situations like this.  

In the final analysis ... money (although an important consideration,) should not be the only metric you use to gauge who might be the right lawyer for you.  Call or set up a FREE CONSULTATION with the Rolloff Law Office today.  I'll explain what I can do, and how affordable it can be.  Call: (612) 234-1165.

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