Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dakota County Expungments (Explained)

If the right requirements are met, there are some crimes that many crimes that can be expunged. Although the law changed in 2015, sealing your record isn't guaranteed.  In all reality, an individual must have a very good reason to have a charge/convictionexpunged, such as the negative impact the criminal record is having on that person’s life. For instance, an individual may have difficulty finding a job or finding a place to live.  If you need to know more, you should strongly consider consulting an experienced Minnesota Expungment Attorney

Crimes That Can Be Expunged

A judge uses the law (and their own discretion) when a person requests to have a conviction wiped off of their record so they can apply for a specific job or find a place to live.

Some of the crimes that can be expunged include:

  • Assault
  • Felony or misdemeanor theft
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Obstruction of justice

The expungement process is a complicated one and that’s why you need a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney to help you. A lawyer knows how to navigate the process when all you want to do is move on with your life toward a better future.

Why Seek an Expungement?

The reason why you want to go for expungement is due to the impact a criminal record has on you - now and in the future.  Criminal records are maintained at the city, county, and state levels. They document the type of crime, when the crime occurred, details of the charges, the court where the case was heard, and sentencing detail. The records become public record, so employers, landlords, and anyone who needs to conduct a background check on you can access them.

When your Dakota County Criminal Defense Attorney is able to have your record expunged, it does not show up on these background checks. It is not completely erased in case it does need to be accessed by law enforcement, but there is no interference with you finding a good job, renting an apartment, or going to the school of your choice. The short-term and long-term advantages of expungement make undergoing the process worth it. Even the legal cost is minimal compared to the earnings you will receive by being able to work within a career that pays you what you are worth rather than working in one that pays you pennies because of a criminal record.


If you have been convicted of a crime and you know or believe that you qualify for expungement, The Rolloff Law Office can help you determine your eligibility and can help you meet that goal if you are. An expungement can help you start over and move on with your life toward a brighter future. To find out more about what can be done for you and what your rights and options are, call (612) 234-1165


  1. My brother was convicted of a misdemeanor almost a year ago, and it's still negatively affecting his life. If you can get your record expunged, you should do it. It's worth the paperwork battler to have that taken off your record.

  2. I never realized that assault could be expunged. I guess that's why it's important to get a good criminal defense attorney if you find yourself in a situation where you could be charged with it. It's not easy to get everything lined up when you're choosing an attorney but it's worth the work! Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

  3. Thank you very much for this information. My son has an obstruction of justice charge on his record from a few years ago. He wants to apply for a certain job, but having that charge on his record hurts his chances of being considered for it. On average, how long would it take a criminal defense attorney to have a charge like that expunged?

    Walter Kowalski |

  4. My brother actually had an issue with the law when he was younger. When he was only sixteen he actually stole something from a store. I told him now that he should look into getting that record expunged, so he should really look into an attorney.

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