Sunday, September 7, 2014

Minnesota Shoplifting at Wal-Mart (Attorney)

As as experienced Minnesota Shoplifting Attorney, I get loads and loads of questions, here is one of the ost common:

Mr Rolloff

I recently received a civil demand letter in the mail from attorney Michael Ira Asen P.C stating I must pay $250 in 30 days. 

I was caught stealing from Walmart. It was my first time ever stealing and it won't happen again. (The police were called and I was also given a citation.)  I was also told I had to stay away from the sore for a year.   

What if I am unable to pay the fine in time? Do I even have to pay it at all since there were no police involved? 

The Truth

Retailers are allowed by statute to make the demand. It is not a scam (as often suggested) but a legitimate demand allowed by law. That being said, there is procedure to this ... and if you really want to part with you money, pay it.  If not, you (or an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney) can respond to these demands ... and, if my experience is any indication, you WILL NOT have to pay anything.  Additionally, paying this demand WILL NOT have any impact on the citation you received.  You will still have to go to court to answer for this allegation.

 Sure, there is more I can say, so ... if you have any questions/concerns, please fee free to contact the Rolloff Law Office for FREE ANSWERS.  Call Today: (612) 234-1165

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